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Welcome to Foodservice Consultant Society International's newly enhanced website! This website has been designed to create an atmosphere that is intended to support our mission statement, "We Share, We Support, We Inspire”. Now, site visitors, consultant members and corporate members alike can all participate in this process.

The new system includes built in social networking capabilities, forums and blogs. It allows members to update their profile and their company's information, upload photos and include biographical information. Chat with other members that are signed in and share important information with ease. Plus, the advanced search function allows for easy access for operators, architects, developers and other interested parties to search for consultant with particular specialties, serving defined market segments and doing work in a variety of locations.



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I use the ‘Find a Consultant' Function?

2. How can I better utilize the FCSI website to promote my consulting business?

3. How do I update my profile?

4. How do I add my company logo or picture to my profile?

5. What is my password and sign-in name?

6. How do I track my Continuing Education Units (CEUs) on the new website?

7. How do I operate the blog system?

8. How do I utilize the ‘Wall' function?

9. How do I access and contribute to forums?

10. How do I use the Calendar feature?

11. What is the group function and is it available to me?



Question: How do I use the ‘Find a Consultant' Function?

Answer: The "Find a Consultant” function was designed to match clients in need of a consultant to the individual members that meet their needs and requirements. The most effective way to utilize this feature, is to "select all' member types (Associate, Professional, and Senior Associate). You will then be directed to the "advanced search” which allows you to select the market segment and area of expertise of consultants. If you wish to find a consultant within a specific location, please note that "Location” specifies the province or state. You will then be given a list of consultants that fit your specific criteria and can read their biographical information and achievements.


Question: How can I better utilize the FCSI website to promote my consulting business?

Answer: Participation is the key to promoting your consulting business. The "Find A Consultant” function is a enormous advantage to FCSI member consultants; however, to achieve the optimal result and benefit from this function, you must take the opportunity to showcase your experiences and skills for prospective clients. Consider this your professional resume. Feel free to include: your company logo, areas of expertise, market segments career biography and locations where you conduct business.

In order to manage your profile, you must first sign into the ‘Member-Only' section of website. Once signed in, select the "Edit Bio” option from the main page; from here, you will have the option to provide any information you would like to be visible to prospective clients. You have control over the amount of information that you would like to be visible to the public. However, the more you share, the more your firm will benefit from the "Find A Consultant” search function.



Question: How do I update my profile?

Answer: A brief explanation of the Profile Options:

Edit Bio: Edit your biographical information and adjust your privacy settings. ** Important- Be sure to fill out the ‘Areas of Expertise' section of your profile, this is how you will be found in a search by prospective clients.

Preferences: Opt out of newsletters and notifications or join a new group and communicate with other members. Additionally, you may view events that you have previously registered for or upcoming events that may be of interest.

Photo Gallery: Post your personal (or company's) pictures for others to view. From here, you can manage albums and add comments.

‘My Profile' Options (Right-hand menu bar)

Profile Home: This shows how your personal profile appears to other FCSI members. If you wish for information to be excluded from your public profile, uncheck the box (es) next to the field(s) you wish to be hidden. If you uncheck the box next to "E-mail Address" it will not be displayed, but site members can still contact you via email through the site's email system. ** Your personal Blogs and Wall comments are hidden from the public.

Groups: The group function allows you to see related content that is only visible to specific group members, such as: group blogs and comments, and upcoming group events and document files.

Networks: allows you to link to your profiles on other social network sites. You have the option of linking to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and more.

Messages: The messages you have received from other members who wish to contact you; you may also find and contact other members from this section.

Question: How do I add my company logo or picture to my profile?

Answer: Steps to adding pictures:

1. Sign-in as a member

2. Go to ‘Manage Profile' on the right-hand menu bar.

3. Click on "Photo Gallery' on the main page.

4. Select ‘ Upload Photo'

5. Browse your computer to select your photo

6. ‘Tag' the photo with any description, label or message

7. Choose whether or not you would like other members to comment on the photo.

8. Check out your photo!!


Question: What is my password and sign-in name?

Answer: Your default sign-in name is simply your e-mail address as recorded in your FCSI profile. Your default password is FCSI + your membership number. For example – Username: example@fcsi.orgPassword: FCSI55594

If you have changed your password and have misplaced the information, please contact your local FCSI administration office or FCSI Worldwide HQ at (502) 379-4122 or email: info@fcsi.organd your password will be reset for you.


Question: How do I track my Continuing Education Units (CEUs) on the new website?

Answer: 2010 CEU's will continue to be tracked on our old database which you will no longer be able to view now that this site has been launched. Effective January 1st 2011, CEU's will be tracked in our new member database. To view your CEU's on the new system: sign-in as a member and select "Certifications” from the main profile page. Please continue to send all CEU paperwork to your local administrator for processing.


Question: How do I operate the blog system?

Answer: A blog is your opportunity to share your opinions, accomplishments, facts about your business, or new business developments. Anything you want to write about, this is where you can do it! The Blog feature is accessed from the "Manage Profile” option, after signing in. From here, you will see the ‘Blog' button on the main screen. You may lock your blog so that only you can contribute submissions, or unlock it and allow comments and feedback.

Additionally, you may save your favorite blogs that are written by other members and easily follow what they have to say. This is a great way to keep up-to-date!



Question: How do I utilize the ‘Wall' function?

Answer: Similar to Facebook, your ‘Member Wall' allows a person to see your recent actions, comments and leave you messages. The feed will display the changes you have made to your profile, new photos you have added, and new groups you have joined. This function is located in the ‘Member-only' section, under ‘Profile Home'. To use the wall function is easy… just start adding to your profile or messaging other members.


Question: How do I access and contribute to forums?

Answer: The FCSI forums are designed to allow for easy access and transfer of information between members of different interest groups and FCSI boards/committees. In order to access and contribute to the forums you must be a member of the specific group. You are added to the forum through FCSI staff or by the group administrators.

Access: If you are a member of a group and want to sign-in to the forum, you can access it from the ‘Member-Only' portion of the website. Once signed-in you can find the forums under the "Member Information” menu option on the left menu bar, and then select forums.

Contributions: Once you have entered the forum, you will be able to add a forum posting by selecting ‘Post New Topic' in the top left corner of the forum page. Fill out the subject line for your topic and select if it is visible to all members or locked for group members only. Finally, fill out your content box, and/or, upload a file.


Question: How do I use the Calendar feature?

Answer: We have improved the FCSI Event Calendar; members and visitors can now view a list of events, a calendar snapshot of events, search events by categories and even register for some events online. The events can also be exported to your personal online calendar. The Calendar is located on the right-hand menu and can be accessed from any page.

To register for an event: Select the event of your choice – Follow the registration information - register for the event and fill out the electronic form. From here, you can choose to pay online or to be billed.


Question: What is the group function and is it available to me?

Answer: The group function is available to all members of FCSI and initial groups have been created based on the division in which each member resides. The group function allows you to view content that is divisionally specific, including: Calendar events, blogs, and forums, file libraries and content pages. Additional groups can be created to suit special interests – if you have a suggestion please advise your local FCSI administrator or WW HQ and we will establish additional groups as needed.

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