Letter from Committee Leader Bill Caruso, FFCSI
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12/5/2012 at 5:31:35 PM GMT
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Letter from Committee Leader Bill Caruso, FFCSI
Dear FCSI Colleagues:

I am writing this open letter to our membership in the hope that all of you will join with the members of our Governmental Affairs Committee, namely:  Ira Beer, FFCSI – East Coast; Kristin Sedej, FCSI – Central; Jim Little, FFCSI – West Coast; and Ian Jamison, FCSI – Canada, to assist our "watchdog” efforts.  As you may know, we continue to encounter issues with entities such as ASID attempting to require state licensing under their authority to provide design services of the type provided by our members.  We also have encountered local and state code enforcement officials requiring us to formally stamp our drawings with state certified stamps. We continue to encounter sometimes "unique” code enforcement edicts being proposed or worse yet, required, of our members for little or no "due cause.”  In short, federal, state and local regulators are pushing for greater regulation and control over our practices and work.

As Board Liaison of this committee, it is my task to manage its effectiveness.  We determined creating this Forum on the Society website allows any member, who learns of potential governmental issues that may affect us individually or as a Society, to log in and alert us to the issues(s) at hand.  

Our Committee will review and provide feedback to your postings to assist you, as a member, and the Society.  I am asking you to assist us in our efforts, thank you all in advance for your continued perseverance in alerting us of any and all issues through our new website forum.  We will be sure to follow up on your behalf.

My best wishes to you all –

William J. Caruso, FFCSI, ISHC

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