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IDPC Year End Report 0 W. Koehler FCSI TA Members,As you know, we partnered with the Interior Design Protection Council to monitor and fight legislation on the state levels in the USA.  Attached is their 2012 Year end report for your review.   Please post any questions or comments.Wade
by W. Koehler
Monday, February 18, 2013
Letter from Committee Leader Bill Caruso, FFCSI 0 W. Koehler Dear FCSI Colleagues:I am writing this open letter to our membership in the hope that all of you will join with the members of our Governmental Affairs Committee, namely:  Ira Beer, FFCSI – East Coast; Kristin Sedej, FCSI – Central; Jim Little, FFCSI – West Coast; and Ian Jamison, FCSI – Canada, to assist our "watchdog” efforts.  As you may know, we continue to encounter issues with entities such as ASID attempting to require state licensing under their authority to provide design services of the type provided by our members.  We also have encountered local and state code enforcement officials requiring us to formally stamp our drawings with state certified stamps. We continue to encounter sometimes "unique” code enforcement edicts being proposed or worse yet, required, of our members for little or no "due cause.”  In short, federal, state and local regulators are pushing for greater regulation and control over our practices and work.As Board Liaison of this committee, it is my task to manage its effectiveness.  We determined creating this Forum on the Society website allows any member, who learns of potential governmental issues that may affect us individually or as a Society, to log in and alert us to the issues(s) at hand.  Our Committee will review and provide feedback to your postings to assist you, as a member, and the Society.  I am asking you to assist us in our efforts, thank you all in advance for your continued perseverance in alerting us of any and all issues through our new website forum.  We will be sure to follow up on your behalf.My best wishes to you all – William J. Caruso, FFCSI, ISHC
by W. Koehler
Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Usage of this Forum 0 W. Koehler This Forum is intended for FCSI members to post any government affairs concerns or comments you have encountered recently such as stamped drawings, code changes, etc.You must be logged into the website to post a new topic in the Forum.  Once logged in, please click on the "post new topic" for each concern so the topics can be discussed independently.If you have any problems using the site, please contact us at FCSI TA Headquarters
by W. Koehler
Wednesday, October 31, 2012
UTAH Legislation 0 W. Koehler All –Utah’s regulatory design scene has been a whirlwind for the last month.  On Friday, October 17th, I was made aware there had been a hearing in September on a proposal for interior design licensing brought about by the UT pro-regulation coalition, I.D.E.A.L.  Since it was a sunrise application and not a formal bill and had no bill number assigned, it didn’t hit the usual ways I track bills.  Neither I nor any of our usual allies knew a thing about the hearing, so there was no opposition to licensure presented at the hearing.  IDEAL had also been lobbying frequently at the Capitol over the last year (note: IDPC’s present role is a reactionary, not pro-active role – we stop bills from being enacted, not prevent them from being introduced).At the conclusion of the September hearing, the Committee expressed an interest in some kind of regulation and set another hearing for October 21st in which a draft bill would be discussed.  I got my hands on this “draft bill” and spent the entire day of the 17th on the phone with our other anti-regulation allies (NKBA and AIA) and by late afternoon made flight reservations to testify at the hearing on the 21st.  Because of the weekend, there was almost no time to rally your members to attend the hearing, although I did reach out to just a few, one of which attended.The scenario surrounding this bill (attached) is a bit complicated for taking a position because we agree with the Committee’s intent to make sure the architect’s law is not overly broad, but oppose the bill as written because it is a back-door method into licensing (this was also verified in testimony by the Dept. of Professional Licensure at the hearing).  My testimony and letter to the Committee is attached for more details on our position.My goal for the October 21st hearing was to stop the draft bill from coming out of the hearing as a “Committee Bill” which would mean it would be fast-tracked or by-pass other committees and go right to the floor for a vote.At the October 21st hearing, my opposition was registered along with that of NKBA, AIA, and the Retail Merchants Association.  One Committee member remarked at the end of the hearing that he was more confused now than before the hearing started.  The Committee adjourned the hearing without any action – no Committee Bill – a win for us.  The down side is that they scheduled another hearing for November 18th and asked the parties to try to reach a resolution. Subsequent to the hearing, I’ve been involved in some conference call meetings with AIA and IDEAL to see if there is common ground.  At this point, it doesn’t seem to me there is.  IDEAL came to the table wanted full-blown licensure.  IDPC and NKBA remain steadfastly opposed to IDEAL’s exclusionary proposals; AIA-UT’s position on the conference calls was unclear and we will continue to reach out the both the NKBA and AIA to secure a strong coalition, along with the Retail Assoc.  I will be testifying at the November 18th hearing.ACTION ITEMS·         Please ask ALL your member to fill out the attached survey and return to me at pmorrow.idpc@gmail.com no later than Friday, November 7th.·         Please have your members save the date to attend the November 18th hearing – we will need a large turnout.·         There is a last conference call with AIA and IDEAL on November 10th; after that, hopefully we will know exactly what avenue IDEAL will be pursuing and I will send out an alert for a writing campaign, if necessary.As an aside, I had a chance to speak at length with the Rep. Greene, who chaired the meeting.  He expressed interest in having a Utah codes test that everyone could take, instead of only allowing NCIDQ-certified to pull permits in larger than 3,000 sq. ft.  I alluded to this in my testimony when I talked about California’s permitting process.  I told Rep. Greene that we would support that route.  Patti Morrow, ADE, CAPS, DSA, RESA, RIDE, USGBC-NHPresidentINTERIOR DESIGN PROTECTION CONSULTING
by W. Koehler
Wednesday, November 5, 2014
IDPC 2013 Mid Year Report 0 W. Koehler FCSI Members,Here is the Interior Design Protection Council's 2013 Mid Year report for your review.  As you can see, our advocate has been very busy already this year.Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.Wade
by W. Koehler
Wednesday, August 7, 2013
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